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Hey. I'm Emma, an 19-year old Australian female of little to no importance. Send me a message if you want... no seriously I'm a lonely person, I could do with contact. Note: if tagging me in a post, my name is "emmaliza" as "bloggish" people tend to add to random stuff.

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"Mr. Rudd has no substantive comment to make on Ms. Gillard’s latest contribution to Australian fiction."
— kevin rudd on julia gillard’s memoir aka. WOW that’s bitchy one day i swear to god i’m gonna make an anthology of all the awful things our pollies say about each other because jesus fucking christ you people you’re meant to be our national leaders not The Real Housewives of Canberra

emma talks about australian politics
none of you deserve capital letters
(lbr tho if there were a 'real housewives of canberra' where our pollies just slagged each other off i would totes watch it)
(i mean i would hate myself afterward but i would watch it)


Treasurer Joe uses Immi-Scott’s time at the despatch box to study notes left behind by PM Tony:

Sell Tasmania to NZ? —> get quote

Tell greenies that inland ocean becomes possible after seas rise - this will be a Boon for Tourism and anyone who objects is Un-Australian. 

Talk Clive out of subdividing Queensland

Remind Christopher that he has to organise Kris Kringle this year.

bye-bye tasmania
(tbh you might be better off)

hey, so who’s gonna be at the melbourne meet and greet tomorrow? :D

PSA: the damn thing is really early, apparently it goes from 10:30 to 12:30? I’m sure people know that, but y’know, just in case? (b/c I don’t remember Dougie mentioning it in his message?)

nowhere boys

I go for North Melbourne

The rest of my family go for Sydney

So on one hand, of course I want my team to make it into the grand final…

But on the other, I don’t want to have to sleep in the shed tonight

"Mr. Kennett became suspicious when he read labels saying it was freshly baked, but had Ireland listed as the country of origin. So if you thought life after being Premier was dull, rest assured that it’s an unending adventure of reading the fine print on bread packets."
— Mark Humphries, The Roast

the roast
mark humphries
jeff kennett


Haven’t been this motivated to do fanart until I started watching Nowhere Boys

nowhere boys
ellen o'donnell
jake riles

  • A third of the time: [actual sport-related stuff]
  • Another third of the time: holy shit OW can they do that?!?!?!
  • Another third of the time: my god they've got nice asses.

aussie rules football
i don't know if our players asses are actually any better than other sportsmen's
or if it's just the tight short shorts that show them off
either way: afl is a wonderful game

so i got home from uni today and my mother told me i looked like evita i’m… not sure how to respond

my face
also yeah i know the lighting here's rubbish
sorry i tried really hard but i couldn't get it right


Emma Smith is stylin’ and beyond sweet. I would kiss her cheek with much friendliness <3

[happy noises] [offers cheek]

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